General Travel Information

Travel from/to airport

Taxis are available from the two international airports to the conference hotel. The taxi fair from the Pudong Airport to the conference venu is about RMB170-200, and from the Hongqiao Airport is about RMB70-100, depending on the traffic. Nighttime (11:00pm-5am) taxi fares are about 20-30% higher. Either airport is sitting on a metro line, Lines 2 and 10 for Hongqiao airport, and Line 2 for Pudong airport.  

Travel around in the city

Two easy ways to travel around in the city (three if you count walking): taxi and metro. Taxis are abundant (and inexpensive) in the city and can be hailed from the street or ordered through a phone call (or as young people often do, via a mobile app). It is safe, and cheating by the driver is very rare, but always ask for a receipt after the ride as the receipt has the information about the ride and the contact information of the taxi driver/cab. Not all taxi drivers speak English though. So it's suggested to have the destinations in Chinese written on sheet of paper to show to the driver. Shanghai metro is foreigner friendly, with stops announced loud and clear in both Chinese and English. Metro cars are clean and safe. Metro ticket purchasing is straightforward since most (if not all) stations have manned ticket booth and automated ticket machines.

Travel to/from banquet site

The conference banquet (and business meeting) is going to be held at the Shanghai Grand Theater. The conference provides buses from/to the conference venu (buses leave the conference venue at 6pm). In case you want to travel to the site by yourself, taxi fare is about RMB30-40, or you may take metro Lines 1, 2, and 8, and take off at People's Squre. The Grand Theater is about 200-300 meters away.

About high-speed train

High-speed train is an ideal way to travel to/from neighboring cities (in this case, a neighboring city may be as far as 500 kilometers away). For example, Suzhou is 100 kilometers (or 30 minutes) away, Hangzhou is 200 kilometers (or 45 minutes) away, and Nanjing is only 300 kilometers (or 1 hour) away. Even Beijing is only 1200 kilometers (or 5 hours) away. Most high-speed trains stop at the Hongqiao Train Station, which is adjacent to the Hongqiao Airport. Metr Lines 2 and 10 stop at the Hongqiao Train Station.