CIKM 2014 Demo Program

23nd International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)
Shanghai, China, Nov 3 - 7, 2014

Demo setup instructions are here.

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Demo Group 1: Afternoon, November 5
Demo Group 2: Afternoon, November 6


Demo Group 1: 1:30-5pm, November 5, 2014

  • Paper ID 14, INK: A Cloud-Based System for Efficient Top-k  Interval Keyword Search, Li Rui, Renmin University of China; Zhang Xiao, ; Zhou Xin, ; Wang Shan
  • Paper ID 226, CoDEM: An Ingenious Tool with Insight of Community Detection on Social Networks, Meng Wang, Tsinghua University; Chaokun Wang, Tsinghua University
  • Paper ID 1783, Faceted Exploring for Domain Knowledge over Linked Open Data, Meng Wang, Xi'an JiaoTong University; Jun Liu, Xi'an JiaoTong University; Wenqiang Liu, Xi'an JiaoTong University; Qinghua Zheng, ; Wei Zhang, ; Lingyun Song, ; Siyu Yao
  • Paper ID 1788, Building and Exploring Dynamic Topic Models on the Web, Michael Derntl, RWTH Aachen University; Nikou Günnemann, Carnegie Mellon University; Alexander Tillmann, RWTH Aachen University; Ralf Klamma, RWTH Aachen University; Matthias Jarke, RWTH Aachen University
  • Paper ID 1789, A Demonstration of SearchonTS: An Efficient Pattern Search Framework for Time Series Data, Xiao Min Xu, IBM China Research Lab ; Huang Sheng, IBM China Research Laboratory; Chen Yao Liang, IBM China Research Laboratory; Wang Chen, IBM China Research Laboratory; Inge Halilovic, IBM Informix Product Team; Kevin Brown, ; Mark  Ashworth
  • Paper ID 1790, Aesthetics: Analytics with Strings, Things, and Cats, Johannes Hoffart, MPI Saarbruecken; Dragan Milchevski, Max Planck Institute for Informatics; Gerhard Weikum, Max Planck Institute for Informatics
  • Paper ID 1791, Accelerometer-based Activity Recognition on Smartphone, Xing Su, GC, CUNY; Hanghang Tong, City College, CUNY; ping Ji, CUNY
  • Paper ID 1793, Cleanix: A Big Data Cleaning Parfait, Hongzhi  Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology; Mingda Li, HIT; Yingyi Bu, ; Jianzhong Li, Harbin Institute of Technology; Hong Gao, Harbin Institute of Technology; Jiacheng Zhang
  • Paper ID 1795, Keeping You In The Loop: Enabling Web-based Things Management of Internet of Things, Lina Yao, University of Adelaide; Quan Z. Sheng, The University of Adelaide; Anne. H. H Ngu, Texas State University; Byron Gao, Texas State University
  • Paper ID 1796, Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Finding Expert Teams by CrewScout, Naeemul Hassan, University of Texas, Arlington; Huadong Feng, University of Texas at Arlington; Ramesh Venkataraman, University of Texas at Arlington; Gautam Das, University of Texas at Arlington; Chengkai Li, University of Texas at Arlington; Nan Zhang, George Washington University
  • Paper ID 1801, WiiCluster: a Platform for Wikipedia Infobox Generation, Kezun Zhang, Fudan University; Xiao Yang Hua, School of Computer Science, Fudan University; Hanghang Tong, CUNY; Haixun Wang, Google Research; Wei Wang, "Fudan University, China"
  • Paper ID 1806, Negative FaceBlurring: A privacy-by-design approach to visual lifelogging with Google Glass, Tengqi Ye, Dublinc City Univeristy
  • Paper ID 1808, TensorDB: In-Database Tensor Manipulation with Tensor-Relational Query Plans, Mijung Kim, ASU; K. Selcuk Candan, ASU
  • Paper ID 1810, TweetMogaz v2: Identifying News Stories in Social Media, Eslam Ashraf, BadrIT; Moamen Mokhtar, BadrIT; Walid Magdy, Qatar Computing Research Insti
  • Paper ID 1814, TWinChat: A Twitter and Web User Interactive Chat System, Yuanyuan Wang, Kyoto Sangyo University; Gouki Yasui, ; Yuuji Hosokawa, Kyoto Sangyo University; Yukiko Kawai, ; Toyokazu Akiyama, Kyoto Sangyo University; Kazutoshi Sumiya, University of Hyogo

Demo Group 2: 1:30-5pm, November 6, 2014

  • Paper ID 1815, VFDS: An Application to Generate Fast Sample Databases, Teodora  Buda, University College Dublin; Thomas Cerqueus, ; John Murphy, ; Morten Kristiansen,
  • Paper ID 1816, Knowledge Management for Keyword Search over Data Graphs, Yosi Mass, IBM; Yehoshua Sagiv, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Paper ID 1818, Clairvoyant: An Early Prediction System For Video Hits, Hao Chen, East China Normal University; Qinmin Hu, East China Normal University; Liang HE, East China Normal University
  • Paper ID 1819, iMiner: Mining Inventory Data for Intelligent Management, Lei Li, Florida International University; chao Shen, Florida International University; Tao Li, Florida International University
  • Paper ID 1820, RApID: A System for Real-time Analysis of Information Diffusion in Twitter, Io Taxidou, Uni.Freiburg; Peter Fischer,
  • Paper ID 1821, RecLand: A Recommender System for Social Networks, Ryadh Dahimene, CNAM; Camelia Constantin, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie; Cedric Du Mouza, CNAM
  • Paper ID 1823, MeowsReader: Real-Time Ranking and Filtering of News with Generalized continuous Top-k Queries, Nelly Vouzoukidou, Pierre et Marie Curie University; Bernd Amann, ; Vassilis Christophides, R&I Center, Technicolor
  • Paper ID 1825, AMiner-Mini: A Distributed Academic Search  and Mining System, Jingyuan Liu, Tsinghua; Jie Tang, Tsinghua; Debing Liu, ; Xingyu Yan
  • Paper ID 1826, DEESSE: entity-Driven Exploratory and sErendipitous Search SystEm, Olivier Van Laere, Yahoo Labs; Ilaria Bordino, Yahoo Labs; Yelena Mejova, ; Mounia Lalmas, Yahoo Labs
  • Paper ID 1829, Manual Annotation of Semi-Structured Documents for Entity-Linking, Diego Ceccarelli, ISTI-CNR; Salvatore Trani, ISTI-CNR; Claudio Lucchese, ISTI-CNR; Raffaele Perego, ISTI-CNR; Salvatore Orlando,
  • Paper ID 1830, SmartVenues: Recommending Popular and Personalised Venues in a City, Romain Deveaud, University of Glasgow; M-Dyaa Albakour, University of Glasgow; Craig Macdonald, University of Glasgow; Iadh Ounis, University of Glasgow
  • Paper ID 1833, GTE-Rank: Searching for Implicit Temporal Query Results, Ricardo Campos, LIAAD – INESC TEC; Gaël Dias, HULTECH/GREYC, University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France; Alípio Jorge, LIAAD – INESC TEC; DCC – FCUP, University of Porto, Portugal; Célia Nunes, Department of Mathematics, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal; Cent
  • Paper ID 1837, Exploring Document Collections with Topic Frames, Alexander Hinneburg, Martin-Luther-University Halle; Frank Rosner, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg; Stefan Pessler, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg; Christian Oberländer, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
  • Paper ID 1840, CONDOR: A System for CONstraint DiscOvery and Repair, Dhruv Gairola, McMaster University; Fei Chiang, McMaster University